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"My fiancé used techniques we learned throughout my entire labor which resulted in the BEST delivery process possible. Worth. Every. Dollar!"

"We felt so much better about knowing we have some control in how the whole process goes."

" husband and I feel much more empowered walking into our next birth."

"...cant recommend it enough!  Lots of wonderful information, fun and laughter."

"It helped us feel confident, informed, empowered, and definitely more relaxed about this whole process."

"We are lucky to have someone with her expertise in West Michigan."

"...above and beyond..."

"We are equipped with more knowledge, and especially more tools we can use for comfort measures."
"My husband has more knowledge on ways to help me through the process. We definitely feel more prepared..."

This childbirth education class is for anyone wanting to understand more about birth, what your options are, the benefits and risks of medications/interventions, how your hormones work, what happens in your body during labor, comfort measures, how your significant other can be very involved, how to choose a care provider and how to make educated decisions during your labor and delivery.

Whether you're giving birth at the hospital or at home, you will walk out of this class feeling more confident and empowered about how to have your birth your way, no matter how you choose to give birth!